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D26 Democracy Defender Donor Program

Democracy Defender Sustainable Donor Program

How to Donate - Sign Up HERE

  1. Select your contribution level.
  2. Enter your information.
  3. Click "Make this a monthly recurring donation" and enter your payment information.

Why Make Monthly Donations?

  • Elections are expensive! Campaign offices, volunteer supplies, event expenses - all of these things and more can really add up. We typically require at least $8,000 - $10,000 for an election year. Fundraising is how we get it done.
  • We're investing in building the district. Trainings, communication tools, meeting space rental, the development of our neighborhood teams - the overhead, even in a non-election year runs us more than $200/month.
  • Smaller, monthly donations allow us to better budget for the coming election rather than relying on the success of individual fundraising events.
  • Montly donations also allow YOU to budget your support of D26 in a sustainable way that doesn't make too much of a dent in your budget at any one time.
  • We've put together a package of benefits and discounts for all our monthly donors to which we'll continue making additions. You can earn some great stuff while also supporting the work we all care so much about.

So How Does It Work?

We've created 4 levels of giving, each with its own special benefits.

Benefit Silver - $10 monthly Gold - $26 monthly Platinum - $50 monthly Diamond - $100 monthly
Free D26 T-Shirt X X X X
50% off all D26 Events X      

Entrance to all D26 Events


Entrance to all D26 Events for 2

    X X

Raffle tickets for D26 Events

2 5 10 20
D26 Name Tag     X X

Entries for ADP Event Tickets

1 2 5 10
Quarterly Discounts X X X X
** Online Store Credit **     ($25) ($50)


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