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Alison Porter

commented on Why is Arizona at War against Students? 2013-10-16 14:23:20 -0700 · Flag
Do you think there’s a chance we could elevate the conversation to some of the voters in the Legislative Districts where these legislators were elected – even if just on Facebook? Let’s make sure the Democrats in those districts know, and encourage them to vote even if they are in a red district. Let’s get them to get out and talk to their neighbors, let’s write letters to the editor…
If the voters don’t know about this stuff they won’t try to do anything different. And, let’s face it, most don’t know anything about it. But let’s do what we can individually and collectively to increase the volume on this conversation, even when the off balance policy makers aren’t in our district. (And thank goodness we have Ablesser, Sherwood and Mendez at the capital!)

Alison Porter
I believe in fighting for the right for children to learn as much and as fast as they want.