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HB2305 Justification Exposes True Intent

Michelle Reagan State senator Michelle Reagan’s July 13 Arizona Republic opinion column gives the impression that the recently enacted voter suppression bill, HB2305, is merely a benign administrative clean-up of our elective process.


Is that why it is now a CRIME to the carry a neighbor’s signed and sealed early ballot to a polling place?

Is that why the number of signatures required to get a place on the ballot is now increased for all political parties (in the case of Libertarians by a huge percentage) except for Republicans who get a decrease?

The intent of HB2305 was made clear in a floor speech by Republican legislator J.D. Mesnard who urged fellow Republicans to support the bill claiming Libertarian candidates cost the party two or three congressional seats in the 2012 election.

HB2305 was rammed through the Legislature at the very end of the last session in a naked attempt to manipulate the electoral process. It should be repealed by a citizen initiative.

Will you help?

John Mc Donald

D26 First Vice Chair

J.D. Mesnard explains the real reason Arizona Republicans passed HB2305

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