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Thank you
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I sent the following as a letter to the editor az republic.
Astrophysicists tell us that only a small fraction of the matter in the universe is visible. The rest, called “dark matter”, is known through its gravitational effects. Likewise, Arizona’s political universe is dominated by “dark money.” It’s difficult to find out where it comes from but, nevertheless, strongly influences who gets elected to state offices. A good illustration is the makeup of the Arizona Corporation Commission – 100% conservative Republican. “Dark money” also weighs heavily in the current debate about rooftop solar energy. What should be a no-brainer in favor of energy produced by private home owners without fouling the atmosphere, comes under attack in television ads. Here though we can guess some of the origins of “dark money,” namely, those who profit from pollution.
Full disclosure—my wife and I are not APS customers. We do have solar panels and receive the occasional small rebate check. It will be a very long time before we recoup our original investment but we are happy to do our bit for the planet.

John Mc Donald
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