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Mary Lou Taylor's Personal Attack on Juan Mendez Reeks of Desperation

Mary Lou Taylor, Republican candidate for the Arizona House sent out a mailer against Juan Mendez that is one of the worst I’ve ever seen. Not only are her mean-spirited attacks of a personal nature rather than political, they simply aren’t true.

Mary Lou’s mischaracterization of Juan’s character represents a brand of Tea Party politics that only the most cynical among us would respond to, and she ought to be ashamed to put her name to it. Taylor even goes as far as to take a quote from the Arizona Republic’s endorsement of Juan (over her) out of context to make it look like the Republic was criticizing, rather than praising Juan.

Taylor’s last-second and over-the-top attack reeks of desperation, and cannot be allowed to go unanswered. Will you sign up for an Election Day canvassing or phone banking shift to help put Juan, Andrew and Ed over the top?

With 22 hours until the polls close, tomorrow’s GOTV effort will be critical to ensuring a victory for our slate.

Let’s win the next 22 hours, and let’s win D26 for our Democratic team!

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