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Monti Shill Advocates Breaking the Law and Violating the First Amendment by Destroying Political Signs

TEMPE, AZ - The Tempe mayoral race has been marred by some of the most negative campaigning I’ve ever seen. From mischaracterizations, outlandish attacks on character, to claims that border on slander, Michael Monti’s campaign will undoubtedly go down in Tempe history as the most dirty and dishonest in modern times.

I thought I had seen it all, but nothing prepared me for what I read in The Arizona Republic article, titled “Activist planning to remove pro-Mitchell campaign signs.” A.J. LaFaro, the chairman of the District 17 Republicans is openly advocating that Mr. Monti’s supporters violate state law and violate the First Amendment rights of our fire fighters. To be clear, by advocating for the removal of these political signs, the District 17 Republicans are encouraging open and coordinated crime.

As chairman of the D17 Democrats, I am dumbfounded as to why my counterpart would think his actions are acceptable in a democracy.

LaFaro and I may have our political differences. We may disagree about the direction of our city, state, and country, but I would never suggest to Democrats, Republicans, Independents, or any Mitchell supporters that they blatantly violate the law or infringe on anyone’s constitutional right to free speech. To do so would be wildly irresponsible and a betrayal of the ideals our country was founded upon.

I urge Chairman LaFaro to read the Constitution, respect the rights afforded to every American, and back off his call to break the law. Democracy shouldn’t be about tearing down the other the side, or in LaFaro and Monti’s case, violating the First Amendment and its right to free speech. It’s about ideas, vision, and leadership.

A.J. Faro’s actions have shown he lacks all three.

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