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New D26 Shirts in July

You MUST order by Tuesday, June 24th

It's that time of cycle again. New t-shirts are coming! I don't know about you, but my 2012 shirt is getting to be pretty worn. We will be ordering new shirts in a new style for the summer 2014 field push. The style will be similar to our much-complimented hoodies.

If you would like one, please order one no later than Tuesday, June 24th. We will have them available at our July 8th meeting, so be sure to come if you place an order. If you can't make it, we will keep them at the D26 Office, once it's opened.

The price for non-PCs will be $26, and they will be given at cost to PCs. We don't know what cost will be yet, as it will be determined by number of shirts ordered.

Please place your order as soon as you can, but again, no later than Tuesday, June 24th so we can have them ready by our July 8th meeting.

Order via this webform, or email Randy Keating.

Thank you,

Randy Keating
Chair - D26 Democrats

Mens and Womens Styles

Yes, you will probably look this good in your new D26 shirt!
Note: these are not the final shirts. Only an example of the color and different styles.

Contact Us: Randy Keating, Chair, D26 Democrats // 480-246-0509 //

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